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Walton's Community Involvement

Walton’s likes to support organizations in our area and charity’s with specific needs and missions. These organizations do great things in our communities, wildlife habitats, and supporting children. We are proud to be able to support organizations like these. A few of the charities and groups we support are listed below.

While Walton's would love to be able to support every charity throughout our communities, it is just not possible. We get countless requests and we try to support as many organizations as we can.

If you would like to request a donation from Walton's you may do so using our Donation Request Form

Request a donation using the form on this page

Walton's Community Involvement

Donation Request Form

Fill out this form if you are requesting a donation from Walton's. Requests in other formats (mail, phone, etc) will not be considered.

Donation requests must be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the event or participation deadline or they may not be considered.

These requests are only processed once per month.

Please use the "Attach Files" option to include other pertinent info in PDF format.

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors

Pass It On - Outdoor Mentors

Matching caring adults with a passion for the outdoors with children that want to learn about the outdoors...that's what the Pass It On program is about in a nutshell. Whether it is fishing, camping, hiking, bird watching, archery, hunting, shooting sports, sailing...or just about any other traditional outdoor activity, we work to provide opportunities for children to learn about them in a safe environment from mentors willing to share their time...

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FaithBuilders, Inc. is a network of believers that works toward family preservation and spreads the love of Jesus Christ within our communities through our four pillars: support networks, mentorship, resources, and services. As we work within each of these aspects, we have become more involved with the Kansas Social Rehabilitation Services and their affiliated organizations, providing care and support to an ever growing number of children and their families...

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Pheasants & Quail Forever

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever

Pheasants/Quail Forever is dedicated to the conservation of quail, pheasants and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs...

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Ducks Unlimited

Duck Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people...

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National Wild Turkey Federation

National Wild Turkey Federation

The NWTF is dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage. Through vital partnerships with state, federal and provincial wildlife agencies, the NWTF and our members have helped restore wild turkey populations throughout North America — from a mere 30,000 in the entire United States to more than 7 million across the United States, Canada and Mexico...

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