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STUFZ is the easy way to create delicious gourmet stuffed hamburgers.

Gourmet stuffed hamburgers are easy to make with STUFZ: 1. Shape It!, 2. Stuff It!, and 3. Seal It!
  1. Transform your meat into a deep well pocket in one easy step by using the patented STUFZ burger maker.
  2. Stuff your burger full of all your favorite toppings.
  3. Press down the top of the STUFZ to seal the burger, enclosing all of the delicious flavors inside the burger.
The unique thing about a STUFZ burger maker is it will allow you to make the perfect stuffed burger!

The STUFZ burger maker can also be used to make the perfect perfect patties too.

Are you a veteran to stuffed burgers or is this an awesome discovery for you? Hamburgers are great, grilled hamburgers are better and stuffed burgers are the best of the best!

Take your favorite ingredients and stuff the burger using the STUFZ hamburger maker, throw it on the grill and bingo! In just minutes you can create a masterpiece with all your favorite toppings sealed inside your burger. Raw onions are a great toping, but what about onions that cook inside your burger, that help marinade the meat from the inside out?

You end up with the perfect Stuffed burger!
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Danny said on 3/4/2014 ...
Went and bought a bunch of stuff to stuff burgers as soon as I recieved this. Makes great food!
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John said on 4/27/2013 ...
The patty maker doesn't make the nicely shaped pocket in the meat as shown in the "shape it" picture. We tried numerous times to get the results that the advertising for the product shows but never were able to produce a decent end result.
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Jim said on 12/11/2012 ...
L. Little hard to use when I done a few burgers Got a lot easier. They were great
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Patricia said on 12/4/2012 ...
Having a lot of fun with it, so many different ways to use it.
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