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The All-Around Jerky Maker system forms two flat strips or three round sticks of ground jerky at once. This amazing beef jerky maker adapts to any home sausage stuffer or meat grinder, regardless of size, make or model. Best jerky maker you can buy.

The All-Around Jerky Maker works with your existing sausage stuffer or meat grinder. Just fill the hopper with freshly-mixed and seasoned ground meat, screw on the All-Around Jerky Maker with the flat or round jerky insert in place, and begin. You can produce first-rate ground jerky strips or sticks in minutes with your stuffer and grinder doing the work!

Easy to use, easy to clean and no parts to rust. The All-Around Jerky Maker may be the last piece of jerky making equipment you will need to buy. Easily transform any home sausage stuffer or meat grinder into a jerky or snack stick making machine! One year factory warranty. If you don't absolutely love the new All-Around Jerky Maker, you have one full year to send it back for a full purchase price.

Home jerky makers prefer the All-Around Jerky Maker system because it harnesses the power of their existing stuffer or grinder to make both jerky strips and jerky sticks. One year factory warranty.

  • 8 Adaptor Disks to fit #5, #8, #12, #22, #32, #42 grinders and most upright and horizontal sausage stuffers
  • Head Assembly 
  • Paper Attachment 
  • Transition Tube 
  • Jerky insert 1" w x 3/16" thick 
  • Jerky Insert 3/8" holes 
  • Slider Ramp 
  • Locking Ring and Wrench 
  • One 76' Roll Extruder Paper 
  • Complete Instructions 
  • One Year Warranty
  • Uses replacement paper roll ITEM # 6731100 
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Janet said on 9/28/2014 ...
The only reason I did not give it a five is that I personally like my jerky a little thinner. But this is only after one use. As I use it more this hunting season I make learn how to make it a little thinner.
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Larson said on 9/5/2014 ...
I bought this because you said it fit a size 42 head grinder. I have a cabella's size 42 grinder. The pin on the auger plugs the hole on the jerky maker so almost nothing can get through. If you had made the cone adapters deeper you wouldn't have a problem. I am extremely unhappy with the product and it's completely useless to me. I'd use other choice words but I wanted to keep my review clean. I would drop this product from you inventory or tell the manufacturer to fix the problem. Thanks for making me waste $30 and my time.
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Ben said on 12/10/2013 ...
Tried to use this once -- The moisture content of the meat (possibly temp to) -- determines a lot about how this comes out. We were trying different recipes -- one worked pretty good, the other was a good bit wetter -- it didn't come out of the die uniformly. Had 60# to make, so ended up rolling with a rolling pin instead. Looking forward to trying this on pork breakfast sausage with the round stick die. Good instructions, lots of adapters -- well made.
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Michael said on 11/30/2012 ...
works pretty good takes two people with a stuffer all in all worked as expected
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