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Commercial Processors

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Our customers include all types of meat processing plants, grocery stores, restaurants and other food related businesses. Commercial pricing and benefits are only available when you are signed in. To visit our commercial section, please sign-in or request commercial access.

Home Processors

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Deer hunters, sausage making enthusiasts, and others who enjoy making sausage or jerky. Whether it is deer processing, sausage and jerky making, smoking & grilling, etc., we have all the meat processing equipment and supplies you need.

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2015 Home Meat Processing Catalog

2015 Home Meat Processing Catalog

Whether you enjoy BBQing or sausage making in your home, Walton's has the seasonings, supplies, and equipment to go from the field to the fork. Request a new catalog today!


Sausage, Jerky, Snack Sticks, Bacon, Brisket, Ham and more...
Find recipes for some of the most popular meat products.


Excalibur seasonings are a finely balanced blend of science and art with distinct flavor for any meat product like jerky, smoked sausage, bratwursts, pork sausage, breakfast sausage, brisket, pork loin, chicken, turkeys, hams, bacon, and more.

Sausage Casings

Walton's sells sausage casings for any application. Whether it is fibrous sausage casings, collagen sausage casings, natural hog or sheep casings, meat netting, plus all the accessories.

Packaging Supplies

Walton's is a one-stop shop for all things meat processing. Find other packaging supplies here like butcher paper, freezer paper, meat bags, vacuum pouches, shrink film, patty paper, tape machines, tags, trays, and wrapping film.

More About Walton's

Walton's is a family business dedicated to serving the meat processing industry for commercial meat processors, home meat processors, wild game hunters, and BBQ enthusiasts. We stock a complete line of meat processing equipment and supplies, including everything from meat grinders to vacuum sealers, sausage seasonings and jerky seasoning, all types of sausage casings, meat bags, vacuum pouches, material handling supplies, smoking & grilling equipment, and much, much more for use in any type of meat processing. We pride ourselves in offering all the meat processing equipment and supplies you need from field to fork. Walton's.....Everything but the Meat!